Monday, 29 December 2014

My MAC Palette - Swatches and Reviews

First of all an apology to my hiatus from blogging but the deadlines from university came and required my complete attention for two months and for paying £9k a year I would like to try and get a career in the fashion industry but alas my return features a blog post I have been itching to do ever since I saw MAC eyeshadows.

I would like to introduce you to one of my most prized possessions my MAC eyeshadow palette...

...she's a beauty isn't she?! 

I'm a huge make up lover and I do like to invest (yes it is an investment) my money in make up as I take joy in deciding which face of the day I would like to put on and it is my little sanctuary for 20 minutes (or an hour in some cases). I decided that I wanted to start my MAC palette in October 2013 as I felt my style had matured and I wanted a swanky new palette full of my favourite shadows to go with that and I had been drooling over the MAC shadows for long enough and made notes from bloggers recommendations of which shadows I would like in my palette. 

Top Row (L-R) - Blanc Type, Omega, Charcoal Brown, Woodwinked, Mystery
Middle Row (L-R) - Nylon, Coquette, Sumptuous Olive, Green Smoke, Concrete
Bottom Row (L-R) - Vanilla, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Print, Carbon

I knew that in my palette I wanted to have a range of shadows that could be used for brows as I change my hair colour often my brows need to match that so I have quite a lot of matte browns as it would be easier for me to have all my different brow colours in one palette for travelling and needn't carry lots of products around. The three main looks I wanted to have in my palette was a brown smokey eye, dark green neutrals and a classic grey smoked eye with highlighters, base, crease and corner shadows for each look and the brow colours also worked into these looks.

Top Row Swatches
Blanc Type - My first shadow bought is my perfect base neutraliser, great pigmentation and really brightens the  eyes up.
Omega - This create the perfect natural crease used with Blanc Type as a base one of my favourites for everyday use
Charcoal Brown - This is a great brow colour for me and to use in the corner for a matte brown eye.
Woodwinked - Adds a lovely warmth to the eyes I use this in the corner and crease blending in circle motion and bringing it under the eyes to make them more defined.
Mystery - If I had to pick one shadow from the palette it would be this as its my brow colour and a perfect brown smokey eye or even as a brown liner.

Middle Row Swatches
Nylon - This is a beautiful yellow toned shimmer I love using this on the inner corners to make eyes pop, highly recommended.
Coquette - This works great with Omega for a defined crease to make hazel eyes stand out.
Sumptuous Olive - A great shimmer shade for hazel eyes.
Green Smoke - Use with Sumptuous Olive in the corner for a shimmery look that makes hazel and brown eyes stop traffic.
Concrete - Great blending choice for matte browns works with many different looks.

Bottom Row Swatches
Vanilla - Slightly shimmery a great brow bone highlighter and base colour works well with pink toned shadows.
Naked Lunch - A light, feminine pink great for softening the eyes and works well with All that Glitters.
All That Glitters - Stunning shimmery pink with champagne highlights, highly pigmented.
Print - The 'do it all' smokey eye buildable colour and easy to blend, use with Vanilla as a base to create a smokey eye that will last all day and night.
Concrete - Matte black use carefully to deepen a smokey eye or as a liner adds high definition to the eyes.

This concludes my MAC palette I'm really happy with all the shadows I have and the ability to create so many different looks in one customised palette I can't wait to start the next one although maybe after I graduate and can afford one! 
What are your favourite MAC shadows, let me know in the comments?!

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