Monday, 29 December 2014

My MAC Palette - Swatches and Reviews

First of all an apology to my hiatus from blogging but the deadlines from university came and required my complete attention for two months and for paying £9k a year I would like to try and get a career in the fashion industry but alas my return features a blog post I have been itching to do ever since I saw MAC eyeshadows.

I would like to introduce you to one of my most prized possessions my MAC eyeshadow palette...

...she's a beauty isn't she?! 

I'm a huge make up lover and I do like to invest (yes it is an investment) my money in make up as I take joy in deciding which face of the day I would like to put on and it is my little sanctuary for 20 minutes (or an hour in some cases). I decided that I wanted to start my MAC palette in October 2013 as I felt my style had matured and I wanted a swanky new palette full of my favourite shadows to go with that and I had been drooling over the MAC shadows for long enough and made notes from bloggers recommendations of which shadows I would like in my palette. 

Top Row (L-R) - Blanc Type, Omega, Charcoal Brown, Woodwinked, Mystery
Middle Row (L-R) - Nylon, Coquette, Sumptuous Olive, Green Smoke, Concrete
Bottom Row (L-R) - Vanilla, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Print, Carbon

I knew that in my palette I wanted to have a range of shadows that could be used for brows as I change my hair colour often my brows need to match that so I have quite a lot of matte browns as it would be easier for me to have all my different brow colours in one palette for travelling and needn't carry lots of products around. The three main looks I wanted to have in my palette was a brown smokey eye, dark green neutrals and a classic grey smoked eye with highlighters, base, crease and corner shadows for each look and the brow colours also worked into these looks.

Top Row Swatches
Blanc Type - My first shadow bought is my perfect base neutraliser, great pigmentation and really brightens the  eyes up.
Omega - This create the perfect natural crease used with Blanc Type as a base one of my favourites for everyday use
Charcoal Brown - This is a great brow colour for me and to use in the corner for a matte brown eye.
Woodwinked - Adds a lovely warmth to the eyes I use this in the corner and crease blending in circle motion and bringing it under the eyes to make them more defined.
Mystery - If I had to pick one shadow from the palette it would be this as its my brow colour and a perfect brown smokey eye or even as a brown liner.

Middle Row Swatches
Nylon - This is a beautiful yellow toned shimmer I love using this on the inner corners to make eyes pop, highly recommended.
Coquette - This works great with Omega for a defined crease to make hazel eyes stand out.
Sumptuous Olive - A great shimmer shade for hazel eyes.
Green Smoke - Use with Sumptuous Olive in the corner for a shimmery look that makes hazel and brown eyes stop traffic.
Concrete - Great blending choice for matte browns works with many different looks.

Bottom Row Swatches
Vanilla - Slightly shimmery a great brow bone highlighter and base colour works well with pink toned shadows.
Naked Lunch - A light, feminine pink great for softening the eyes and works well with All that Glitters.
All That Glitters - Stunning shimmery pink with champagne highlights, highly pigmented.
Print - The 'do it all' smokey eye buildable colour and easy to blend, use with Vanilla as a base to create a smokey eye that will last all day and night.
Concrete - Matte black use carefully to deepen a smokey eye or as a liner adds high definition to the eyes.

This concludes my MAC palette I'm really happy with all the shadows I have and the ability to create so many different looks in one customised palette I can't wait to start the next one although maybe after I graduate and can afford one! 
What are your favourite MAC shadows, let me know in the comments?!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Throwback - LFW

I thought I'd do a throwback post about my time during September's London Fashion Week as I realised I hadn't blogged about it and share my experience at Somerset House and working backstage at a show and how to get work experience during fashion week. 
I hope you enjoy my stories and pictures I can't wait for February when I can do it all over again do any of you go to London Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments what your fashion week experience has been.

Dress - Zara
Knitted Vest - Zara
Hat - Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Zara
Socks - Topshop
Sunglasses - River Island

Fay (Centre) Wore:
Knitted Dress - H&M
Bag - New Look
Doc Martins

Cobi (Right) Wore:
Top - Asos
Trousers - Asos

I found that September's fashion week was a calmer atmosphere than the buzz and excitement in February maybe it was the remains of a laid-back summer attitude although the crowd at Somerset House were still impeccably dressed. 

My friend and housemate Fay pictured before is a Music Journalism student and me and my fellow fashion friends convinced her to try out fashion week and see what she thought of 'our world' and she said 'It's like a celebration of personal style.. different to what I thought it would be'. I always enjoy fashion week, the atmosphere that it brings, the new collections to feast my eyes on and to be surrounded by people who all have the same love of fashion is always inspirational.

I worked backstage as a dresser for Ashish for their Spring/Summer 2015 show which was a really exciting experience to be involved in the madness behind the walls of the catwalk and cameras even getting to meet the designer himself and chatting to the staff. Pictured above is the two looks that I dressed for the show I was lucky to have a lovely model to work with and the atmosphere backstage was really upbeat with it being the last day of fashion week everyone was enjoying the last day.

How did I get the experience?
I simply went on the London Fashion Week website and looked at all the shows that were scheduled and clicked on several designers and emailed the contact details given or went on the designers website and found a contact email on there to email my CV and cover letter to. Ashish was the only company to respond positively as I didn't have any direct contact details so I could only use general query contacts but if I hadn't of tried that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere, with determination and several emails you can get anywhere!

When I first arrived we met the team and head designer then while the team set up the rails us dressers where free to watch the Fashion East show that was on which was so great as I love the designers at Fashion East they always have such innovative designs. Unfortunately due to unsteady scaffolding a builder fell from the ceiling backstage and an ambulance was called to help the man it was an awful sight to see but the show kept going on and the man was took to hospital. Quickly the Ashish rails replaced Fashion East's as soon as their show finished and I set the shoes and accessories with my looks as the models were in hair and make up (think tinsel clip-ins and glittery eyes) then the show was in motion and it was over far too quickly. I didn't even consider it work as I was having too much fun being involved in it all and I definitely hope to work next Fashion Week I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in fashion as you get to see the clothes before the audience.

If you have any more questions about my LFW experience ask me in the comments I'm happy to answer!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Happy Halloween!

I thought I'd share with you some photos of my Halloween celebrations I love getting all dressed up, having a fun night with friends fully embracing spook night and making the night last as long as possible, before going to a Halloween event in Greenwich me and my friends had pre drinks in my room which was decorated and served with some witches brew before the night began.

What did you do for Halloween?

It's fair to say I scared some people that night...

The witches brew I made was vimto, strawberry daiquiri, vodka, fresh orange juice, star-shaped ice and popping candy.

I also put some frozen Woo Woo cocktail into a brain mould as Cloe is modelling here!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Welcome to the Coven

Faux Fur Jacket - Zara
Hat - Topshop
Dress - H&M
Boots - Zara
Bag - Urban Outfitters
It's my favourite day of the year Halloween and today I've went for an American Horror Story Coven themed outfit which is a subtle nod to the Salem witches with a black fedora, long loose dress which swings off the body and pointed leather boots. I threw on my faux fur jacket to keep the chills away and grabbed my leather doctors bag to go, for my make up I kept it simple and just added some dark grey shadow to the inner lips to give that 'dead' look. Today consists of running around grabbing last minute decorations, drinks to put in the witches brew, a pumpkin spiced latte and creating my make up look for tonights dusk til dawn party in Greenwich with London's creatures of the night.
What are you up to this Halloween?
Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Autumn has finally settled in the beautiful colours of the leaves changing have inspired my make up selection for this season and we are are slowly getting closer to my favourite holiday of the year - Halloween! 

The pieces I have picked out are what I put into my everyday make up bag that add a little something special to my regular everyday make up along with my Autumn scent.

When in Victorias Secret picking up gifts for friends there was an offer to get another bottle of their fragrance mists for half price as I had been wearing their 'Coconut Passion' all through summer I decided to pick a more floral fragrance for Autumn. After smelling them all I decided on 'Pure Seduction' this is described as 'a passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia' and smells divine this is a fragrance you can get lost in as the heavenly floral notes entice you to a romantic daydream which will get you many compliments from by passers. 

 DiorSkin Star Foundation (Shade 012) - £32

I like to wear a light coverage foundation to let me skin breathe for daily use so I bought this new Dior foundation as it gives light reflecting properties with a satin finish this foundation looks amazing on skin thats clear although if you are prone to breakouts I'd recommend using a concealer for those areas. It gives a healthy golden wash of colour to my face and still lets your skin feel like skin.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo's in Pomegranate and Pink Gold - £4.99 each

I love using cream based eyeshadows for lazy days and these shades are great for Autumn and look even better combined, they last all day don't move and the shimmer looks beautiful when the light reflects from it.

I'm never without my signature black liquid cat eye in Autumn and this Loreal liner does the trick perfectly and easily I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to try liquid liner the pen form makes it really easy to control as it has a thin nib.

For special occasions I use my favourite mascara to add a touch of chanel to any look this is the 'Do It All' mascara from natural flirty lashes to 'Is she wearing false lashes? But they look so real!' this is my wonder product and worth the hefty price tag.

If I'm wearing simple make up and want to add a wash of colour I chose to do so with a blush this one from Sleek gives you a gorgeous berry stained cheek but only use a small amount and blend well as it's really pigmented.

When I first bought this lipstick I was going to return it as it is the same colour of my lips with just a shimmer to it and thought it wasn't worth the price tag but from being too lazy to return it I ended up wearing it a few times and really liking it for the 'my lips but better' look. This is a really easy lipstick to wear as it's more like a balm that moisturises your lips while giving them a subtle shine with a slight peachy pink tone this is really flattering on fair skin tones and my go to lipstick for autumn. 

What are you autumn beauty essentials?
Let me know in the comments

S .x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Boots Haul - Classic Favourites

You know what happens you go in Boots for one thing and come out with four at least that's what happens when I see 3 for 2 on offer and beauty is something I have a weakness with. The pieces I picked up today create my classic look that I have been wearing for years, cat eye, red lips and brightening the high points of my face.

This concealer is a repurchase as if you've seen some of my tutorials I often use this to highlight my under eyes as I have unfortunately dark circles that just won't go and this product brightens them and can be used as a warm yellow toned highlighter for your face too. 

If you'd like to see how I done my nails click here.

Another repurchase that I have been buying the past two years is this wonder product a heavy duty liquid concealer that will hide your spots/blemishes/dark circles I can't live without this concealer and is available in a shade that suits my skin (another miracle). No matter what concealer I try I always end up going back to this one and always need one in my make up bag use over a primer for a concealer that won't budge all day there's a reason there's so many bloggers love this product.

Whenever someone asks me which eyeliner should they get I always recommend this one it's my favourite as it's easy and quick to use gives you a jet black liner look and when used with an eye primer stays all day, this is my secret weapon for cat eyes.

I had already picked two Loreal products so when I saw the new Pure Red lipsticks I decided to treat myself to a new red lipstick as this would be free from the offer I immediately chose 'Blake's' red as this is a colour that flatters me most. The packaging of these lipsticks are much more luxurious than a standard drugstore lip product the black croc textured packaging with gold accents make you feel a million dollars and the formula is moisturising with great staying power and has a satin finish with a subtle shine when the light hits your lips. 

What are your staple make up products that you have to repurchase?
Let me know in the comments!