Monday, 26 January 2015

Review of COLAB Dry Shampoo

Ruth Crilly from 'A Model Recommends' launched her set of COLAB dry shampoo's each named after iconic cities with a scent that describes them without any words spoken I felt it was somewhat just me getting the 'London' one and it's my favourite scent. The fragrance of deep musk with a slight floral scent underlaying had me sold I wanted my hair to smell this good along with the sleek packaging that would make for a great handbag essential for on the go hair emergencies. This dry shampoo claims a sheer invisible formula which interested my as all other dry shampoos I have tried have left a white or grey residue in my hair and I have found myself just not finding one that works well enough for me to continue using.

I had left my hair for two days without washing and decided to try this out to see if it could pass the test and parted my hair at the roots and sprayed 20cm away from my hair then rubbed it in with my fingers.

After leaving my hair for about 5 hours I can safely say that my hair feels clean, lightweight there was no residue left and the product added volume to my hair along with a wonderful scent that matches my perfume I think I may have found my perfect dry shampoo!

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